Kaleidoscope World (Tribute to Francis M)

from by Boondock Squad



written, composed and arranged – 2009
This song is a tribute to the late Francis Magalona and is a remake of the original song under the title, “Suckin’ on Helium / Kaleidoscope World” from the 1995 album “Freeman” under BMG Records (Pilipinas).
Some of this song’s lyrics are adapted from “Suckin’ on Helium / Kaleidoscope World.”


So many faces so many stories
similar voices different choices
some are blessed with the greatest gifts
others make up with will-power and grit
some from a bloodline considered royal
most from the earth with heads held humble
some barely eat, walk without shoes
endure to gain when there’s nothing to lose
some are native while others travel
and some have done it because they have to
some respect and listen so they know
some only hear the words they impose
some have friends, while most have foes
most have some, while some have most

Every color and every hue
is represented by me and you
take a slide, in the slope
take a look in the kaleidoscope
spinnin round, make it twirl
in this kaleidoscope world

Some follow expectations stereotypes
others refuse to let it define their lives
some say it’s black and white but it’s complex
some friends will help you and back stab you next
our differences some celebrate
others won’t take it and segregate
some can’t tolerate and chose to kill
some justify genocide as God’s will
some have problems magnified
on petty drama cuz the problem’s inside
some do fight while others run
can you talk peace and have a gun?
some have friends, while most have foes
most have some, while some have most


You see, some are blind or choose not to see
others can see but are scared of what’s to be
some who saw died leaving books
they got killed cuz they asked us to look
some are afraid to face their mistakes
others are brave cuz they want to make change
some wanna change but they don’t know to what
some know exactly but are others down with that?
some look human while others are
some take journeys to know who they are
some say poems and some do sing
others sing through their guitar strings
some have friends, while most have foes
most have some, while some have most


Rest in peace rest in power
to Francis M, the master rapper/
kaleidoscope world
in this kaleidoscope world
kaleidoscope world.


from When Monkeys Make Music, released July 2, 2011
additional saxophone by Gabriel Guevara



all rights reserved


Boondock Squad San Francisco, California

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