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written – 2009
composed and arranged – 2010


This for the men overlooked, those who respect
women but don’t get it back, those who offer
a helping hand or offer to open the door
but are treated these values are traits to exploit
those measured by their talents, we forgot their strength
is in the heart they get love in the start but are left
when it all falls down, they make good impressions
and look like kings but when the girl finds out
his life is simple she leaves and treats him like a fling
never gave him attention again, this is for the men
whose relationships depend on when a woman
picks her phone up or when she calls him
only when she’s in need, this for the men
who’d rather lose a friend than keep relationships like these
who refuse to call her “bitch” even if people do it
a man who aint down with misogyny to prove

They're the true kings who work out in the field
true kings who lace gloves to box toe to toe
true kings turn scraps into meals
true kings who have calloused hands with the hearts of gold
so fellas learn to never put yo heart on ya sleeve
cuz it’s simply too big to just give out for free
then you’ll hear these girls would ask about ya
cuz they know there aint nobody, like a true king
(2x- ain’t nobody
like someone who
always stays real
always stays true)

This is for the men who they say finish last
but they aint gotta race with the standards of the past
about masculinity or fitting into trends
instead they find their best when they’re being themselves
and for the women who don’t just think if he’s hot or not
those who look for the qualities he’s got a lot
those who sense his soul carry beautiful tomorrows
better recognize a soldier fighting pains and sorrows
this is for the team players who get no shine
cuz the dude who performs on stage can’t rhyme
if the crew backstage doesn’t set it up
to those who work their way so they can live it up
find the folks who do what they tell you they will
no excuses they come through if your relationship’s real
if you act like a king then be treated like one
don’t settle be deserving and respect yourself son



(2x- ain’t nobody
like someone who
always stays real
always stays true).


from When Monkeys Make Music, released July 2, 2011



all rights reserved


Boondock Squad San Francisco, California

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