Never Let You Go

from by Boondock Squad

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written – 2007
composed and arranged – 2009


It’s true you never know what you got til it’s gone
it’s like goin through a journey and missin home
or droppin pennies ending up a few cents short
or missing high school, wish you woulda played sports
there’s always somethin we take for granted and forget
when time comes it’s needed we will never get it back
to your friends and family, you gotta stay true
there’s no one else to understand you or save you
I got a brother we were deeper than kin skin melanin
similarity we thought identically
what was within us were winners
a tag team championship title untouched
but I left him out thinking I could take the crown
by myself I found me a new crowd
I didn’t know my new friends would only last like trends
I got left out wishin I still had my best friend

Lovin you is lovin life
I don’t wanna let you go
I wanna tell you now before
you will never get to know
don’t wanna leave with
don’t wanna say another
next time

On a long stressful day I stood on the bus lonely
til a sista from behind told me that she know me
asked me to sit beside her so we chopped it up
she told me what was up, told me that she was stuck
in the same place I fell into myself, the pain
of immigrants like us who won’t see their home again
didn’t notice that I was sitting beside a queen
her beauty was in the eyes, confidence and self-esteem
I never told her once in all the times we kicked it
that she’s like a gift to me matter fact she’s so gifted
shined a sun as my sky’s radiant sunflower
but started kickin it with older men when sunlight’s over
the life of the party, smokin, sippin Bacardi
sharing blood sharing toxins now she’s poison ivy
my fear of not telling’s got me asking “what if’s?”
that’s why I say what I feel now and won’t ever slip


To my people
if you truly love your folks and you know how much they mean to you
show them you know, don’t let em go
so do me this favor y'all
Pull your true friends, and give em a hug
pull your family, and give em a hug
pull your significant other and give em a hug
now everybody make some noise, show some love!
Pull your true friends, and give em a hug
pull your family, and give em a hug
pull your significant other and give em a kiss
now everybody make some noise, show some love!


Lovin you
lovin me
I swear I’m never gonna be the same
movin on and still I hear your name.


from When Monkeys Make Music, released July 2, 2011
additional vocals by SoJari Bradley



all rights reserved


Boondock Squad San Francisco, California

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