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written, composed and arranged – 2009


I dedicate this to miss
the baddest female on the block there’s no denying this
and yet she does so good
cuz God made her blessed and she’s doing what she could
I start the morning and I meet her with a greeting
can’t take too much time she’s off to make a living
a simple talk and her smile would make my day
got me thinkin bout her since, she’s fly that way
little by little she seeps into my thoughts
like a seed that grows into a clay pot
the soil is my emotions, the pot’s my heart
she got grip on it, as she reaches for the stars
workin for a degree tryna make life complete
balancing her health physically and mentally
tryna find herself for spiritual fulfillment
she might lookin for a man, well maybe I can help then

Oh, she’s
that woman (I call her paradise)
she deserves another song and a poem
and a dedication yeah
what, about
this woman (I call her paradise)
I put in work just so I could be with her
for my vacations

she gives me passion makes my life more exciting
in this world of black and white, she’s the color to my writings
she can paint my love and hate a combination just enough
to keep me happy from longing, even if I act tough
she makes me strong or even vulnerable
got a way to affect me she got the right chemicals
she’s a challenge and I don’t know if she knows this
she’s more beautiful everyday, gotta tell her that I notice
like miss, I may not be the most eligible dude
prolly not the sharpest knife in the kitchen for you
but I guarantee there won’t be dull moments it’s like
it’s not the car I drive it’s what I do with a bus ride
my gifts might not be the most expensive in price
but they’re priceless and full of meaning inside
I usually don’t do this but for her I’d dress nice
she moves me, and makes me change my wrongs to right, now



Girl, I like the way you sparkle
without the make up or designer clothes, they won’t stop you
from, walking proud of who you are
cuz no flashing lights could ever outshine a true star
[2x- say “she’s that woman” (she’s that woman)]
[2x- say “I call her paradise” (I call her paradise)]
say “respect your women” (respect your women)
say “listen to your women” (listen to your women)
say “love your women” (love your women)
and always treat her right, right? (right!)



from When Monkeys Make Music, released July 2, 2011
additional percussion by Dan Stilwell, additional saxophone by Gabriel Guevara



all rights reserved


Boondock Squad San Francisco, California

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