When Monkeys Make Music

by Boondock Squad

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When Monkeys Make Music is an album which was made similarly to how Dr. Frankenstein created life—by stitching together unlikely parts, galvanizing elements of rock and hip-hop music to bring forth Boondock Squad’s sound.

This is a 12-track album and not merely the 6 playable tracks here. This album is also available on cdbaby.com, iTunes, Amoeba Music and in BDS shows. Contact any BDS member to get a physical copy of the CD.

facebook.com/boondocksquad, twitter.com/boondocksquad, boondocksquad@gmail.com

© 2011 Boondock Squad. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


released July 2, 2011

Boondock Squad:
• Abe Freedom (Jean Teodoro) – vocals
• T-Rex (Justin Manigo) – vocals
• Mhyck (Mychal Magalong) – guitars
• Leo Canilao – bass
• Mykho Magalong – drums

Produced by the Boondock Squad

Album production - lead, direction and management by Jean Teodoro

All songs were written, composed, arranged and performed by the Boondock Squad

All songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Stilwell

Album design by Paddy Tatusko

Album cover art by Robert “Tres” Trujillo

Photography by Leo Docuyanan

Special Thanks: Dr. Henry Shreibman, Victorina Teodoro, Peter Jeorge Teodoro, Cameron “Cash Campain” Parker, Anthony “Pele” Navarro, our families, our friends, our communities, our biggest influences in music and society, those who struggle for justice and the empowerment of the oppressed, mother earth, GOD, all our friends and family who collaborated with us on this album. We did it!

Song List:

1. Jeepney
written, composed and arranged – 2008

2. Renegades’ Anthem
written, composed and arranged – 2008

3. Phoenix
written, composed and arranged – 2009

4. Kings
written – 2009
composed and arranged – 2010

5. Digital Vice
written, composed and arranged – 2008

6. When Monkeys Make Music
written, composed and arranged – 2009

7. Better Off Dead
written, composed and arranged – 2010

8. Smell the Sunshine
written, composed and arranged – 2010

9. Never Let You Go
written – 2007
composed and arranged – 2009
additional vocals by SoJari Bradley

10. Paradise
written, composed and arranged – 2009
additional percussion by Dan Stilwell, additional saxophone by Gabriel Guevara

11. Kaleidoscope World (Tribute to Francis M)
written, composed and arranged – 2009
This song is a tribute to the late Francis Magalona and is a remake of the original song under the title, “Suckin’ on Helium / Kaleidoscope World” from the 1995 album “Freeman” under BMG Records (Pilipinas).
Some of this song’s lyrics are adapted from “Suckin’ on Helium / Kaleidoscope World.” additional saxophone by Gabriel Guevara

12. Likha
written – 2007-2009
composed and arranged – 2009

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for more material, check out Boondock Squad vocalist, Jabbetheo: jabbetheo.bandcamp.com



all rights reserved


Boondock Squad San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Renegades' Anthem
Movin buildin within many livin in your inner city
is a population a red alert to this nation
whose names are in category of insurgents in a hurry
to destroy the generations of freedom and liberation
they don’t want us to exist so they label us terrorists
cuz when we rep a set of peace, the system is stuck
we’re quick to raise our fists against military enlist
and we speak about what’s up they say we know too much
organized collectivity not for crime but community
made history with this picture: gangs of an opposite nature
don’t call us gangsta yet but realize it’s gangsta shit
if you get hit risked your life for the hood that you organize in
hit by your own streets, crime rates that never fail
or hit by someone else, bullets from dictators’ spells
we turn the chrome from rims to revolutionary guns
to blast back acts of love as revolutionary ones

Renegades in the bay in the streets of the Sco / Who, who, who, who are you?
to Oakland fasho, we fight for Oscar Grant and civil rights / who, who, who, who are we?
where you at my soldiers? put your hands in the air! / recognize us
they aint prepared, we’re taking back our streets right about this time / renegades

This is the renegades’ anthem with hearts and souls as a tandem
I will tattle this tail, put a fist in the air
if you feelin me here…
you see we’re superdope though we’re always broke and broken
by our families who lose all their hope when you open
your mind to ideals of change and progress
cuz it might not equal financial success
whatever I’ma do it be a teacher leader social worker
more than a performer keeping the streets in order
tackling what faces me, life’s a battle it’s a given
ride or die, I been ridin that’s the reason why I’m livin
you can stare me in the eye, you might think I’m fearless
but I’m not, fear makes me stronger that’s the only difference
no need for inferences yes the hood got my back
real G’s freedom writers organizers where you at?
I rep The Boondocks what chu know about that?

Renegades til the third world struggle is won / Who, who, who, who are you?
til we take back our land, no more war in the Middle East / who, who, who, who are we?
where you at my soldiers!? put your hands in the air! / recognize us
they aint prepared, we’re taking back our streets right about this time / renegades


Renegades cuz Obama’s change can’t be enough / Who, who, who, who are you?
we the people need to make it happen a day at a time / who, who, who, who are we?
where you at my soldiers!? put your hands in the air! / recognize us
they aint prepared, we’re taking back our streets right about this time / renegades

who, who, who, who are you?
who, who, who, who are we?
huh-ha-ha recognize us
we are the Boondock Squad.
Track Name: Kings
This for the men overlooked, those who respect
women but don’t get it back, those who offer
a helping hand or offer to open the door
but are treated these values are traits to exploit
those measured by their talents, we forgot their strength
is in the heart they get love in the start but are left
when it all falls down, they make good impressions
and look like kings but when the girl finds out
his life is simple she leaves and treats him like a fling
never gave him attention again, this is for the men
whose relationships depend on when a woman
picks her phone up or when she calls him
only when she’s in need, this for the men
who’d rather lose a friend than keep relationships like these
who refuse to call her “bitch” even if people do it
a man who aint down with misogyny to prove

They're the true kings who work out in the field
true kings who lace gloves to box toe to toe
true kings turn scraps into meals
true kings who have calloused hands with the hearts of gold
so fellas learn to never put yo heart on ya sleeve
cuz it’s simply too big to just give out for free
then you’ll hear these girls would ask about ya
cuz they know there aint nobody, like a true king
(2x- ain’t nobody
like someone who
always stays real
always stays true)

This is for the men who they say finish last
but they aint gotta race with the standards of the past
about masculinity or fitting into trends
instead they find their best when they’re being themselves
and for the women who don’t just think if he’s hot or not
those who look for the qualities he’s got a lot
those who sense his soul carry beautiful tomorrows
better recognize a soldier fighting pains and sorrows
this is for the team players who get no shine
cuz the dude who performs on stage can’t rhyme
if the crew backstage doesn’t set it up
to those who work their way so they can live it up
find the folks who do what they tell you they will
no excuses they come through if your relationship’s real
if you act like a king then be treated like one
don’t settle be deserving and respect yourself son



(2x- ain’t nobody
like someone who
always stays real
always stays true).
Track Name: Smell the Sunshine
So beautiful, life’s beautiful
even from the gutter it’s so colorful
like clay I have, molded my self
to a monster with a core full of wealth
don’t tell me that, God’s strange to me
when I’m made of God she took care of me
I’m the cutest lil fucker in the planet
and I’ma floss it even if you hate it or you love it now

when life gives you lemons
peel em for martinis and slice em for margaritas
give the world a drunken haze and preach your propaganda

Coming of age
this is the dawn of our time
the grapes of wrath
we bleed vintage wine
we’ve come of age
this is the dawn of our time
lift your head to the sky
smell the sunshine

Yesterday no one thought that
I would make it this far in life
from many wars I have fought at
gaining scars and learned to be wise
glad to know that I’m still here
and, this is how I live my life
I change herstory for a livin
may these chants soon decolonize
the mind

(2x- take it back, what we lost, never give up what is ours)


(2x- Let’s bring the world to a blaze)
light it up
blaze it up


(2x- Let’s bring the world to a blaze)
light it up, blaze it up
inhale, and exhale
and pass it around, and pass it around.
Track Name: Never Let You Go
It’s true you never know what you got til it’s gone
it’s like goin through a journey and missin home
or droppin pennies ending up a few cents short
or missing high school, wish you woulda played sports
there’s always somethin we take for granted and forget
when time comes it’s needed we will never get it back
to your friends and family, you gotta stay true
there’s no one else to understand you or save you
I got a brother we were deeper than kin skin melanin
similarity we thought identically
what was within us were winners
a tag team championship title untouched
but I left him out thinking I could take the crown
by myself I found me a new crowd
I didn’t know my new friends would only last like trends
I got left out wishin I still had my best friend

Lovin you is lovin life
I don’t wanna let you go
I wanna tell you now before
you will never get to know
don’t wanna leave with
don’t wanna say another
next time

On a long stressful day I stood on the bus lonely
til a sista from behind told me that she know me
asked me to sit beside her so we chopped it up
she told me what was up, told me that she was stuck
in the same place I fell into myself, the pain
of immigrants like us who won’t see their home again
didn’t notice that I was sitting beside a queen
her beauty was in the eyes, confidence and self-esteem
I never told her once in all the times we kicked it
that she’s like a gift to me matter fact she’s so gifted
shined a sun as my sky’s radiant sunflower
but started kickin it with older men when sunlight’s over
the life of the party, smokin, sippin Bacardi
sharing blood sharing toxins now she’s poison ivy
my fear of not telling’s got me asking “what if’s?”
that’s why I say what I feel now and won’t ever slip


To my people
if you truly love your folks and you know how much they mean to you
show them you know, don’t let em go
so do me this favor y'all
Pull your true friends, and give em a hug
pull your family, and give em a hug
pull your significant other and give em a hug
now everybody make some noise, show some love!
Pull your true friends, and give em a hug
pull your family, and give em a hug
pull your significant other and give em a kiss
now everybody make some noise, show some love!


Lovin you
lovin me
I swear I’m never gonna be the same
movin on and still I hear your name.
Track Name: Paradise
I dedicate this to miss
the baddest female on the block there’s no denying this
and yet she does so good
cuz God made her blessed and she’s doing what she could
I start the morning and I meet her with a greeting
can’t take too much time she’s off to make a living
a simple talk and her smile would make my day
got me thinkin bout her since, she’s fly that way
little by little she seeps into my thoughts
like a seed that grows into a clay pot
the soil is my emotions, the pot’s my heart
she got grip on it, as she reaches for the stars
workin for a degree tryna make life complete
balancing her health physically and mentally
tryna find herself for spiritual fulfillment
she might lookin for a man, well maybe I can help then

Oh, she’s
that woman (I call her paradise)
she deserves another song and a poem
and a dedication yeah
what, about
this woman (I call her paradise)
I put in work just so I could be with her
for my vacations

she gives me passion makes my life more exciting
in this world of black and white, she’s the color to my writings
she can paint my love and hate a combination just enough
to keep me happy from longing, even if I act tough
she makes me strong or even vulnerable
got a way to affect me she got the right chemicals
she’s a challenge and I don’t know if she knows this
she’s more beautiful everyday, gotta tell her that I notice
like miss, I may not be the most eligible dude
prolly not the sharpest knife in the kitchen for you
but I guarantee there won’t be dull moments it’s like
it’s not the car I drive it’s what I do with a bus ride
my gifts might not be the most expensive in price
but they’re priceless and full of meaning inside
I usually don’t do this but for her I’d dress nice
she moves me, and makes me change my wrongs to right, now



Girl, I like the way you sparkle
without the make up or designer clothes, they won’t stop you
from, walking proud of who you are
cuz no flashing lights could ever outshine a true star
[2x- say “she’s that woman” (she’s that woman)]
[2x- say “I call her paradise” (I call her paradise)]
say “respect your women” (respect your women)
say “listen to your women” (listen to your women)
say “love your women” (love your women)
and always treat her right, right? (right!)

Track Name: Kaleidoscope World (Tribute to Francis M)
So many faces so many stories
similar voices different choices
some are blessed with the greatest gifts
others make up with will-power and grit
some from a bloodline considered royal
most from the earth with heads held humble
some barely eat, walk without shoes
endure to gain when there’s nothing to lose
some are native while others travel
and some have done it because they have to
some respect and listen so they know
some only hear the words they impose
some have friends, while most have foes
most have some, while some have most

Every color and every hue
is represented by me and you
take a slide, in the slope
take a look in the kaleidoscope
spinnin round, make it twirl
in this kaleidoscope world

Some follow expectations stereotypes
others refuse to let it define their lives
some say it’s black and white but it’s complex
some friends will help you and back stab you next
our differences some celebrate
others won’t take it and segregate
some can’t tolerate and chose to kill
some justify genocide as God’s will
some have problems magnified
on petty drama cuz the problem’s inside
some do fight while others run
can you talk peace and have a gun?
some have friends, while most have foes
most have some, while some have most


You see, some are blind or choose not to see
others can see but are scared of what’s to be
some who saw died leaving books
they got killed cuz they asked us to look
some are afraid to face their mistakes
others are brave cuz they want to make change
some wanna change but they don’t know to what
some know exactly but are others down with that?
some look human while others are
some take journeys to know who they are
some say poems and some do sing
others sing through their guitar strings
some have friends, while most have foes
most have some, while some have most


Rest in peace rest in power
to Francis M, the master rapper/
kaleidoscope world
in this kaleidoscope world
kaleidoscope world.